A Guide To Wine

Wine is one the most consumed and the most iconic alcoholic drinks in human history. Wine making dates back to as far as ancient China and Greece in 7000BC. If we look at the oldest type of wine its Rose Wine because it was made from the most basic ingredients and the most basic method. You should penfolds 707 if you want to know what classic wine is like

Not only wine has a big sociological and historical significance but also a religious one. The significance of wine in included in many religions such as Christianity where Jesus could turn water into wine. In ancient Greece they had the God of wine Dionysus. For the ancient Romans it was Bacchus. Wine is so popular that the global consumption of wine is estimate to be at 243 million hectoliters. You can see how significant wine is in human society and history.

If you are a novice when it comes to wine and want to learn more about it and try it then this guide is for you.

Nutritional facts

An average bottle of wine contains about five glasses. It has about seven hundred and fifty calories and is made from about two pounds of grape. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals essential for the human body . It contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluoride and nitrogen. It also contains several acids such as citric, tartaric, acetic and lactic acid.


Wine comes in about nine different styles

Rose Wine

As mentioned earlier the oldest type of wine is probably rose wine. It is very simple and easy to make using a method known as ‘skin contact’ method. Due to its colour do not confuse rose wine for red wine when you buy prosecco here. This wine became popular when the French imported it from England. Today there are many varieties available you can find it in both dry and sweet versions.

Sparkling Wine

It is a fine wine that is fizzy thus the term sparkling. If you haven’t heard of the term sparkling wine then you must have heard its synonymous term Champagne. It has a finer taste than the rest and is usually reserved for special occasions.

Light and Full bodied White Wine

Light bodied are dry white wines. They are one of the best selling wines. Similar to beer they are perfect to drink with most food. So if you want a drink to enjoy with a meal this should be your choice.

Full bodied white wine is aged in oak barrels. This wine has a richer and creamier taste. If you love red wine then you will love this.

 Sweet White Wine

This type of wine has a sweet and perfumed aroma. It can be either dry or sweet but you can still get a hint of sweetness in the dry because of the aroma.

Red Wine

Red wine comes in light, medium and full bodied. Light bodied are pale coloured and have little tannin. Thannin is what dries your mouth when you drink.

Medium bodied red wine is the best to go with food. While full bodied red wine is the darkest in colour and has the highest amount of tannin. It would go great with fatty and juicy foods.

Now that you know all about wines are you intrigued? If yes then I suggest you to buy rose wine due to its classic significance.