Tips For Taking Care Of Oilskin Garments

Driza-bone oilskin jackets and coats are manufactured from extremely durable pure cotton, which is coated with several layers of their perfectly formulated oil. After the formulated oil coating, the cloth is given a wax finish to give away a watertight and comfortable wear. Each and every drizabone coat  is extremely particular and beautiful. In order to make the fabric compatible with every weather condition, it is important to give specific attention to understand its abilities.   

However, with all this beauty on you, do you know how to take care of your garment? Well, following are some instructions that will guide you to provide life to your oilskin fabric. But, before you purchase their manufacturing, you must make sure to select the perfect size because stretching the fabric might cause the water to enter.  

  1. Cleaning 
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the care/washing instructions stick inside of the garment 
  • Don’t ever wash the garment with hot water or specific detergents because it will cause the wax and oil to face away 
  • If you notice any dust tracks on your garment, brush them off or sponge them down with cold water 
  • If the garment is unbearably dirty, wash it in cold water(with hands)  

The manufacturing company have their own washing detergent known as Oilskin/Wool Detergent pure soap.  

  • After washing the product, rinse it properly by hanging it under the sun  
  • Make sure to not hang the product on radiators, don’t use artificial heat to dry it, and do not expose it to any naked flames 
  • When the garment dries, it will require proper reproofing with the company’s Reproofer Wax 
  • It is important to not wash the garment in a machine 


  1. Removing Mold 
  • For starters, just brush it off as much as you can 
  • Make a diluted vinegar solution and sponge it well on the mold areas 
  • In lukewarm water, hand wash the garment by using their Wool/Oilskin Detergent. Soaking the garment is a bad idea. 
  • After rinsing, hang it with a garment hanger to completely dry. 
  • Get rid of any remaining soap and dry your garment. It can take a bit time to get rid of the pungent smell. 
  • After the garment is done being cleaned, it will require reproofing because the oil coating gets faded.  
  • If your garment is completely filled with mold, then wash the entire coat with the diluted vinegar solution. The vinegar will kill the mold quickly. 

Make sure to always keep your oilskin garment in a dry and ventilated place. Do not place the garment in a plastic bag or in a cupboard for a long time, because it will be molded a lot. Oilskin garments are made with very specifications and they require a lot of care. If you are not willing to take this much care of your oilskin garment, it is best if you don’t purchase one. It requires a lot to maintain the initial look of the garment for a really longtime. So, make sure to think about that before purchasing. clothes-fashion