Top 3 Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

It is a rare sight to witness a bride who is calm and composed while planning her wedding. Most of them are usually a bundle of nerves accompanied by a touch of ‘bridezilla’. This type of behavior is usually acceptable during this phase because of the kind of pressure that most of them tend to experience. If you want this entire process to sail smoothly then here are a few wedding planning mistakes to avoid at any cost.

Over spending
A lavish wedding which leaves the guests awestruck might sound like a great idea. Especially, if you are one of those brides who want their weddings to be stand out and be something like the ‘event of the year’. However, such weddings come with a price! Sometimes, such a price that you might not be able to pay off for months or even years to come. So, don’t make the mistake of spending way more than you can afford and taking a loan that you cannot pay off. This could even lead you to compromise on your honeymoon just for the sake of an extravagant wedding. Stick to your budget and try accommodating everything within this amount. That amazing diamond jewellery in Sydney, Swarovski studded dress and massive cake can be swapped for similar, less costly options if only you try.

Being selfish
Quite often, the groom decides to take a backseat while the bride plans out all the details. This ends up in most of the aspects being the bride’s choice. Although, you might have dreamed of this day for a very long time, this does not mean that it has to be all about you. Sometimes, it’s important to be a team player instead of being selfish. Make your fiancé a part of the planning process and take his opinion as well. After all, it’s his wedding too! For example: If he suggests you two get best engagement rings Sydney whereas you have something else in mind, you could compromise and agree to it or let him decide on some other aspect such as the cake or décor.

Last minute planning
Nothing amounts to the stress you will experience on your big day, if you wait until the last minute to plan everything. It is important to start planning the entire procedure at least a few months in advance. Decide on the guest list and send out the invitations early (not too early though) in order to receive the count of those attending. In addition, book the venue, photographer, cake decorator, caterer, beautician, dress designer and florist ahead of time, as these usually tend to get booked quite fast, especially if wedding season is in full swing. So don’t run around at the last minute and start planning early.