Hello Rich Men!! Here Is The Rest Of The World And Your World Clashing

This is not sarcasm or trying to hurt someone. I have no attachment to the rich men or the hatred for them. But, the world needs their economic stability and help. Rich men, you are laying on the soft bed which feels like clouds were stuffed in for you to sleep on. You are all comfortable with warm bed and all the heaters making you warm. But, remember, there is another side of world, which is lying on their hungry stomach and cold bodies who are dying of the extremely cold temperature. Had you ever though, instead of sleeping on such hot stuff and later going to gyms to lose weigh, had you though about loosing weigh by letting your body naturally loosing the stored up fats?

Hello rich men, you are busy with the race horses for syndication, you are having. That is just an entertainment. You are placing bets on a horse who was supposed to be free. Why not use that money on someone or some organisation that is helping the needy ones? Dear rich men, you are fear of the death that will never reach you soon. Had you ever wished that you were dead? There are the people, the unfortunate ones, who have lots their young ones or loved ones for the wars or hunger.

Hello to the Swiss bank account holders, why do you need the black money? What’s the use of money, when you have no idea what is the use of the money lying around? There are people who is desperately in need of covering themselves. To all the sophisticated woman, who thinks so high of them, the money you spend on make ups and other cosmetics can be used to feed a small population of Syrian who are facing war.

Sometimes, we need you to understand, there is a group of people who would eat the good you consume for one time of day for three times. No, I don’t mean that you are not making proper use of your money. But, at least in some part of your heart, you will be tell, business is a place of cheating, Check more at bloodstock auction. It is being cunning and being spontaneous at the same time calculative. It’s hard but not legal.

Hello to all the daughter and sons of the blessed rich men, you are running around with those tank tops and hipster look. But, there are females, your age who are being sold into flesh trade. Some are abused before they know what abusing is. They are killed. You could have gone through the same thing and money doesn’t make a change. But, there are so many of you walking your path to a death by consumption of alcohol or drug. Use that money, to give them a better shelter or life will might offer them some comfort. Probably, that person could have been your own sister or brother, but they are dead today. Why not strive to help the ones who are left?