What Is The Difference Between A Civil Engineer And A Landscape Architect?

Many people get confused while talking about civil engineers and landscape architects. People often think that both of these are similar but certain differences keep them apart from each other. They can be distinguished from each other based on their educational qualification, job specifications and earnings. If you intend to have an improvement at the home or the commercial premises here we have sorted out the key points of difference that can help in determining the right choice.

The definitions

A landscape architect manages to handle the design, installation and maintenance of the landscape. That help in designing the outdoors according to personal choice and preferences. They help in finding the right option according to the premises. They also take into consideration the extent to which the landscaped area is used. In the case of extensive usage, a different approach is required as compared to the outdoors that are rarely used.

Engineers work differently. They can assist and help the civil landscape architects from Sydney but the kind of job they do is different. They are the professionals who have to deal with the designing and construction of the buildings and associated jobs. They also assist the clients in acquiring the permissions and permits before the project from the concerned authorities.

Job specifications

The services of the landscaping architect are acquired to beautify the surroundings of a personal or the commercial set up. They have to create an outdoor that fits the environmental needs of any locality. It is for this reason that they get all the necessary information for creating the best possible set upside. The job starts with creating a draft and design. Unlike the past, the things have gone technical and computer-aided programs are used for this purpose. They need to be aware of the rules and regulations that are decided by the local administration for the landscaping.

The job of a civil engineer is quite hectic. The landscaping architect has to look forward to him at some point for a better outcome. He checks for the quality of the materials that are to be used in building a structure after he tests the ground for endurance and other features. In light of the survey reports, he suggests the possible construction plan. He has to provide the financial estimate of the project as well which includes the cost of materials, maintenance, and the labour.


The basic qualification to become the landscape architect is bachelors. At this level, he gets all the knowledge that makes him stand out as a competent architect. At this level, he is trained for surveying, designing and geology. It takes 5 years to complete this course. After this, the student can go for a master’s degree that takes a total of three years. It is very important to get the license of work after passing the professional exam.

Bachelors is the first professional level degree for the civil engineer after which he can acquire the master level degree as well.

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