Important Tips For Powering The Caravan Fridges

Almost all modern caravans come fitted with 12v caravan fridge as well as many other appliances. The reason for this is that the modern customer demands excellence in all aspects of the vehicle that he uses for recreational purpose. No longer is the modern customer in need of merely functional caravans. He needs caravans fitted with all manner of features that make convenience a reality rather than a mere thought or possibility. Moreover, it is known that the modern customer uses the caravan as a mobile home. Therefore, he expects to find all the appliances that he uses in his home inside the caravan.

In the past, the caravan owner or driver would have to make sure that this recreational car was parked near shops from whence he could do his purchases easily. The situation has changed quite drastically. These days, the caravan owner or driver uses this vehicle to travel to some of the remotest locations. He no longer feels the need to park the car near shops. This is why most people are buyingcaravans fitted with excellent fridges that he can use to store fresh produce. The installation of fridges has made it easier for caravan owners to preserve their foods much longer. They no longer worry about inconvenience and health hazards of eating bad foods.

The fridges installed in the caravans often need gas for powering. However, the fridges can also function with powering from 240v mains supply and 12v electricity. Most caravans are fitted with all the three powering sources. However, at any given moment, it is only possible to use one source of power, rather than all three simultaneously. Caravan owners and drivers need a proper understanding of how and when to use each power source. For example, it is highly unadvisable to power the fridge with gas while towing the caravan. The gas bottles need proper stowing. The gas supply has to be turned off during this process.

At times, the caravan shall probably spend more time parked outside the house idly. Such a caravan can be powered using electricity from the main house. Arranging this is not difficult. All that is needed is a hook-up lead and 13A adapter. The process needed to set up such a process is both inexpensive and very simple. However, check all the caravan parts online. Checking the parts prior to connecting the fridge with gas supply is also highly advisable. Similarly, check the parts before connecting the fridge with the battery system for power.

Finally, it is important to reiterate that the fridge should only use gas as a backup source of power. The 12v battery system is not an efficient source of power for the fridge used in a caravan. When using the 12v battery system, ensure that the fridge goes through proper chilling first. The 12v system does not have the capacity to run for a very long time. This is why it is important to have backup systems. Powering the fridge through electricity might be the best, but only if near a place where it can be hooked up to the mains supply of any building. It might be wise to remove the metallic caravan steps from near the source of electric power.